A conversation yesterday…

Him: Back when school started, we looked over the roster and you were the hottest girl on it. I’ve wanted to fuck you since before I met you. 

Anonymous said: You are a woman, no?

Yes, I’m one hot red blooded American girl.

Anonymous said: Do you find pubic hair a turn off? Do you prefer your men not to have pubic hair either?

I don’t like a jungle. I’m not going down there to floss, you know?

Hot Date

I don’t have much experience writing about this kind of thing so hopefully it’s not too hard to read…

He’s unconventionally attractive, tall, artistic, a little quirky, quiet & confident. Not my usual type, but I’ve wanted him for a while. We’ve been out a few times before but hadn’t had any physical contact. The night before texts had gotten really hot. He said he was obsessed with giving oral, and shared a few other intimate details, leaving me absolutely soaked thinking about it. Of course I took care of myself and fell asleep with a smile, anticipating our date the next morning.

The date was a lot of fun, easy, stimulating conversation. Lunch turned into meeting later for wine at my place & a movie. We cozied up on the floor during, but still no kissing and I was starting to go a little crazy. The movie ended and the screen blacked out, leaving us in the moonlight. Mood lighting I said, and leaned in and kissed him because I couldn’t take it anymore.

He was good. The kind of man who picks up on every moan, feels every quiver, and quickly uses it against you. Soft bites to my neck & light nails down my back left me gasping. He stretched me out on the carpet floor and clothes came off, leaving me in a see through lacy thong & him slightly more decent. As he took my clothes off his hand slipped in between my legs, and moaned hard upon discovering I was once again soaked.

I climbed on top of him, still on the floor, and with one hand he pulled my head down and exposed my neck to kiss and bite as he moved his other hand from my ass to my pussy, sliding two fingers back and forth on the perfect spot, sending me into a fit of moans. I moved one hand down to reciprocate and was delighted to find a big, thick peppermill hidden in his soft, silky boxer briefs.

We moved to the bed and he asked if I had ever touched myself thinking about him. I confessed my transgressions from the night before and he admitted he had as well. The dirty talk continued and it was so fucking hot hearing the dirty thoughts he had had about me.

He lay me on my back, as he kneeled back with my legs wrapped around him and did something amazing with his hand to me. I think he made an L shape with his thumb and index finger, sliding the thumb just inside to rub my G spot, while his index pressed against my clit. I’m not sure what exactly he did but it felt like fucking heaven and I started breathing heavier and moaning harder. I slid one hand down to my pussy to help and watched in ecstasy as he used his free hand to stroke his amazing cock. I didn’t stand a chance. The perfect gentle but firm pressure from his fingers and my rubbing sent me over the edge in just a few minutes. I lose the ability to talk but when I’m cumming you can fucking tell I’m cumming from the way I moan and twitch. I lay incapacitated, tingling all over and idiotically trying to form sentences and he knelt over to kiss me softly and tell me how fucking hot that was.

We laid there for a few minutes while I recovered. He looked at his watch, realizing it was 3am & that he had a big meeting in 4 hours. He got up to get dressed and I lay sprawled in the bed watching. He made the mistake of coming too close to the bed, with his gorgeous cock still hard and I reached out, put my hand around it and licked the head, which was oozing with precum. Naked except for my thong, I pulled him closer and massaged his rock hard head with my tongue, sending him into moans and reaching for a chair to hold on to. He started sliding it in and out, faster and faster and slipped his finger into me. Sadly the horribly late hour & important meeting in the morning meant he really could not stay long enough to finish (believe me, I was quite disappointed), and had to leave unsatisfied.

I dreamed about it all night, the feel of him in my mouth, the way his fingers rubbed me just right… Cannot wait for the next date!

Hello world,

Welcome to Sex & Sensuality, my outlet for those stories I can’t share with my girlfriends. Where I can confess that I whispered in his ear, “please, please fuck me right now”, instead of the coy & generic ladies-who-lunch response: we had fun.

I hope you enjoy my secrets…

(Photo by Patrick Demarchelier)

(Photo by Patrick Demarchelier)